Local Business Lincolnshire

Jilly is a warm and enthusiastic listener who immediately makes you feel relaxed. She has been able to make us think positively about our business and guided us through the exploration of opportunities available to us in a timescale that allows us to achieve our newly identified goals. She has just the right balance of calm listening, prompting and a tenacity of pursuit when she knows you have more to give……a wise woman! Thank you.

JD, Lincolnshire

Positive Results from Pozitive Minds

After meeting Jill at a local business event for small businesses, Jill provided support and encouragement at several of the follow up meetings, taking an interest in my business situation and personal situation.
After a few casual catch ups, I decided that I needed some personal one to one time and over a series of several meetings Jill helped me with my focus on business matters and help me understand my personal circumstances more effectively.
Jill adapted each follow on session based on my personal outcomes and gave me the time and support that I needed at that moment, adapting during meeting if required, allowing me to leave positive and with elements I could work on personally.
Jill isn’t what I’d call a normal coach, I’d say she is much more, personal and adaptive to the needs of the individual, you can’t help feeling at ease with Jill, allowing you to share so that together you can work through some of your most difficult thoughts and challenges.
I recommend Jill whenever I can see people requiring help and support, who need someone who can listen and help without judgement, I will not hesitate revisiting Jill from time to time when the need requires, she’s now a friend and coach combined, helpful and supportive and thoroughly recommended.

HD, Nottinghamshire

Jill has a very sensitive, relaxed and professional approach to what she does. She put things into perspective for me and helped me make sense of what was going on in my life.
I felt like a great weight had been lifted. I would totally recommend Jill’s services. She positively changed my life for the better.
Thank you!

A Valued Client

I have a terrible fear of flying and as such, struggle with this to a point where I actually don’t want to embark on the flight at all if possible. Since my parents live in another country and escape itself is no form of overcoming I confided in Jill.
She wrote me a multiple page long ‘Hypnotherapy’-script, that she then sent on to my partner to record using his voice. I listened to the calming words and metaphorical sentences that contained hidden messages to chase away my fear of flying every night before going to sleep. A week later my flight was scheduled and I was able to board the plane without any fear.


Thank you Jill.

A Valued Client

I approached Jill with a view to getting support in making a crucial career decision – one that was complicated and multifaceted, after an initial telephone chat and a couple of email exchanges we had a great 1:1 session together. Jill facilitated this session to draw out my key drivers for change and also to assess- using a number of lenses : which of the possible scenarios was most interesting and a best fit for my professional talents and future career path as well as a good fit with my family and work/life balance needs.

Whilst the answers came from me, Jill ensured that we circled around the decision from enough angles to help me take the decision forwards. We also had a follow-up call to check in where I was at and by that stage I was certainly a lot clearer about the best option(s) and now feel less angst and have a clarity of purpose.

Jill has a great way of putting you at ease and is willing to be flexible with her work hours to suit her clients.

Thanks Jill for your support

A Valued Client

I been seeing Jill for a little time – in this time she has totally turned my life around .
I was at a stage in my life where my past problems seemed to be taking over my future happiness – and day to day stress all just seemed too much to handle. I had totally lost sight of who I was and what I can achieve.

Jill is a great listener – gives amazing advise and uses her skills to change the way you see the world and teaches you to see the positives.
She gave me my life back for which I would like to say thank you . But more than that I would like to share her work with everyone. I would recommend her without hesitation.
Anyone that can remove stress from a compulsive stress head such as myself is a miracle worker.

Thanks Jill – i feel I’ve gained a friend also.

A Valued Client

Jill is an amazingly warm and intuitive person. I felt as if I had known her before we had even met! I was welcomed with a big smile, a friendly face and vitally an independent listening ear. I was at a crossroads feeling very ‘stuck’ with no clear sense of direction. I thought I was needing to make a decision about one thing, when in fact after talking things through with Jill it became very apparent that I was focusing my attention in the wrong direction. Having discovered what I needed to do within a few days I had made the changes and things are now back on track. I would without a doubt recommend Jill as a positive life affirming, smile giving, caring, warm and conscientious person who clearly wants everyone to succeed as best they can.

A Valued Client

Since meeting Jill I feel I’ve known her for years, in fact it’s only been a very short time, but you made me feel as though we could talk about anything your like a Very best friend and we all need one of those.Thanks again Jill for stirring me back on course & reminding me that I can do anything I want & why not, I’m as good as anyone else I am unique. XX