CG, Oxfordshire

“I had to do a film project for my College course but I was getting stuck and couldn’t seem to see what I had to do. I was putting it off and trying to ignore it but it didn’t help and my deadline was looming.
Jill simply sat and chatted asking me questions about the project, what it was for, who it was aimed at, what things had I thought of doing and how realistic where they with the recourses and time frame I had. We then looked at how I could start this, what steps I needed to do, what sort of plan I would need to make and how I would know when I had got there.
This really allowed me to see more clearly what I had to do and what I wanted to do. It made me feel enthusiastic and excited, rather than worried and it made me move forwards rather than procrastinate. I was quite reluctant at first as Jill doesn’t really know about film making but found her help really focused and inspired me to make my plan, find my locations and start filming. Thank you Jill”