Pozitive Minds

WILL support YOU in making those vital changes and maximise your individual potential.

About Me

Introducing Jill,

As Founder Director of Pozitive Minds, Jill qualified as a registered & regulated, nurse at Hammersmith Hospital, London. She has a background of senior management in the NHS, private healthcare and high profile charitable organisations. Her experience includes leadership, innovation, project management, commissioning, budget management, service remodelling, organisational change. Further Jill has worked as a University Executive Lecturer, developed national clinical training courses, contributed to two books on health and social care, supported development of a web re-design for an international coaching company and, as part of a team, achieved an international award in End of Life Care.

In 2017 Jill was pleased to achieve Mentor of the Year Award with NNBC.
Her previous experience has informed and underpinned Jill’s passion for developing Pozitive Minds.

Coaching and Therapy

Jill works in coaching and dynamic personal change, offering services to individuals or at a corporate level.

Education and Training

Jill also runs individual or group Re-gaming sessions, with the aim of enabling and empowering people who have left work earlier than expected, for whatever reason. Re-gaming is to help clients to re-examine their present life situation and to set goals to ensure the brightest and best possible outcomes for an exciting and positive future. These sessions are of particular relevance to people who have been made redundant, facing retirement, or new roles at work or in life.

Changes are achieved utilising the specialist and powerful skills of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT), ensuring a bespoke approach for each client to meet his or her individual needs.

These coaching and therapy techniques are non-invasive, achieving results in all age groups, when clients have the desire to make those vital, positive changes to their lives.

Appointments are confidential and flexible to meet the needs of individuals. For example, evening and weekend sessions are negotiable.

Following a comprehensive, personalised assessment, we work with clients to achieve quality outcomes. Clients are central to every decision we make, ensuring flexibility in meeting their needs in a positive and dynamic way. We focus on maximizing individual potential to enrich lives and develop unique, individual blueprints for life.